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X-Posted here:

Note: I clame no responsibilty for eny loss ov life, limb, or reputashun due to partisipating in this exchanj ov goods
and also am not taking teh blame if Angelus comes caling to get anything I hav nicked off ov him back.

The Items:

1. One copy ov From Acathla to Zombie: A Fledgeling's Bestiary. Used, fare condishun, slite ginja beer stain on edge of pages, sum marring to spine

2. One copy ov Frontingbum's Demonic Etiquette. Used, fair condishun, some warping on acownt of being droped into the privy. Swopped with lilruca in exchange for medickal kit

3. One wooly scarf and gloves, hand-knitted, in dark grey, suteable for climbing or as a gift if you hav a grate-nefew you do not like much.

4. Harf-duzen Puffian Conjuring Orbs, best qwality, entertaning and amusing for the entire family. Contains 3 "specktacular" displays, 1 "nightmare" display, 1 "romantick" display, and 1 "general glamour" display.

5. One tin "Creeping Dred"

6. Six hand-tintid lithografs representing The Scourge ov Europe and his Consort at an exclusiv demonick seaside resort.

7. One bundle "Fang Floss," extra-corse

8.  One "Fauntlery Suit" (recomended for starting fires or perhaps as a gift for your enemys), also makes an exsellent bin-liner Swopped with fritz4now in exchange for anshent jellybeens

8. One pare slippers, extra-large, with fansy Chinese dragons embroydired on the tops. Soles guaranteed made of extreemly tough material, possibly iron. Also, magickly charmed so as to be fireproof.

9. 1 fansy lady's hat, compleet with ded fezzunt and assorted frutes, used only sporadickly by the Consort ov the Scourge of Europe who will never miss it cos she has about 238 othirs

10. Goremay jelly beans. A work-out for yor teeth! Keep the insizors sharp and the gums in check by chewing Dr Faustus's Hyjennick Dental Jelly Beens. Guaranteed to hav been aged at minimum of 12 years. Also suitble for removal of old fillings or may be pulvurised and scattered about in lieu of coloured gravel.

Summer Drabbles

#49 Crab

July, 1879.

Although the blank, blind glare of the sun has long since slipped behind the lid of the horizon, the sand beneath her still feels warm. She lets handfuls slip through her fingers, tick-tick-tock. Someone’s hourglass shall run out tonight.

Daddy, massive, lounges alongside her.

A pale white crab scuttles over, flecked with surf and sand. Drusilla’s hand is a whiter, larger crab beside it. It crawls over her fingers and she feels the prickle of its spindly shanks against her skin.

So hard on the outside, so soft underneath.

“Daddy, I want a baby brother.”

 How To Giv Lesuns

Step one: Sit behind yor desk and look v. v. WISE and INSCURTABLE. Havving a pipe helps also perhaps a robe with a hood. Wate for students to stop chuking bits of bunjy, papers, inkwells, dead rats, foopballs, knievs, old tomatoes ect ect.

Step two: After it becom evidint by the clock that the torent is in no dangir of stoping below, 'Rite now, enuogh nonsense, sit down or the lot of you will get six'. Bang yor cane on the desk for Emfasis'. Discovver too late that the cane has been sawwed thruogh and clevverly held togethir by sawdust and gum.
You now hav the new Mark One Extra Short Cane (Sutable For Recalkitrent Midjits). Class rore with apreshitive larfter, jeers, catcalls, ect.

Step Three: Restore order by shouting til the vane in yor foerhed goes 'ping'. Threten disembowlmint, defenistration, deten, 10,000 lines, wacks on the nuckels for all w. razor sharp iron ruller.

When class setels down at last, go to the blackbored and write up soemthing like: 'BOTINY: Describe the alchmickal propertys of wickir and bamboo respectively and explane why they are or are not analojous to wood with respeckt to the vampiric Constitushun'.

A torent of spit balls fly thruogh the air when yor Majestick back is truned. Just as you turn round to demand to know wot is going on, you catch a spit wod in the earhole and an ink botel crash on the blackbored.


Step Five: Enter names into the Punishmint Book. Cast a steley eyed glowwer around the room wich freezes the atmosfeer by 20 degrees. Icickles grow from the windowpanes, the clock stop in its tracks, a ghastly shudder is heard to grone from the pipes, ect. ect.

All students are bisy copying out 20 pages of Catullus and assorted Latin Phrasis (Dissipline of the corpus and dissiplin of the mentus go hand in hand hem hem). The room is steped in Learning, Dilligence, and Plots of Mutiny held under the breth.

A student raises a quavering hand. Glare at him with a lothesome Vissage (TM) and demand in a voice to curdel the blud, 'WELL, BOY?'

'Plese sir, you hav got some ink on yor face.'


Step Seven: Tell the litel roters that you are not wasting yor time if they are not going to put forth any Effort. Write up on the blackbored asinements for Histry, Geografy, Demonology, Alkemmy, Latin, Geom, Alg, Astronomy, Prinsiples of Stalking, Hunting Theory, and an essay on 'How to Show Propir Respect For My Educashun', due on yor desk tomorow evening at three o'clock sharp.

Swepe forth from the rum with yor Academick Robes traling behind you majestickly

Step Eight: Fortify yorself with a cup of gin tea and a confiskated copy of Dick Turpin, The Highwayman efifying tome and order a gross of new kanes.

Disney Thread OOC/IC Contacts

Thanks to quietdream for compiling char profiles and coding.

This is a master list of char journals and char profiles and will include char and players' AIM contact info with permission of the players. This is to facilitate IC play and OOC char discussion.

New char/player info will be added if and when players add their char profiles. Currently, Buffy, Dru, Darla, Ellis, Graham, Joshua, Margaret, Sabe, Senri, Steve and Zag don't have char profiles.

Please contact me via PM with your AIM contact info if you are willing to have it made public, otherwise, I will assume you want to keep it private.

Also, would people like specific char discussion/plot type prompts to be put up in addition to the IC threads? Please let me know in a reply to this post.


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Disney Thread Rating Explanation


Disney Thread Prewriting Prompt Night 1


Holiday Drabble/Sketch Requests!

Flush with excitement over being finished with classes for winter break, and in the spirit of 'I am a broke university student,' I am taking requests for drabbles and sketches*.

I can write drabbles for all the Aurelians as well as my own OC's, or for your character. Just leave me the name of the character you'd like a drabble written for, and a prompt. Or, if you'd like a sketch, let me know which character you'd like a sketch of**.

Happy holidays!

*I will try very hard to get your drabbles and/or sketches to you before 2012

**In the interests of time, I would best be able to do sketches that don't involve much technical detail-- ie, head-and-shoulders shots.

Attachment Style Quiz

Your result for The Attachment Style Test...

The Free Agent

23% Anxiety Over Abandonment and 38% Avoidance Of Intimacy

You like to be independent, to play by your own rules. You're not terribly interested in finding a partner and settling down, and it makes you nervous to imagine that someone might depend on you for anything. Were you to find the right partner--someone as independent as you, probably--you'd not be too put out about sharing your adventures with him/her.

Fictional characters with whom you might identify: Han Solo (Star Wars), Beatrice ("Much Ado About Nothing")

HanSolo.jpg Beatrice.jpg

Other Attachment Types:
Secure: The Unicorn | The Cuddleslut | The Free Agent
Preoccupied: The Cling Wrap | The Squid | The Insect
Fearful: The Doormat | The Leper | The Exile
Dismissing: The Hermit | The Stone | The Player
Confused: The Waffler

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Darla/Spike Drabble

Slap, slap, slap, go the cards. Spike watches from across the table, as Darla gathers in her pile and pushes it into place, little hands squaring the edges.

Neat and tidy, that’s the way Madame likes things.

Spike gathers in his own pile; raises his eyes to lock with hers. Blue locked with green. Her face is smooth as a doll’s—she doesn’t give anything away.

Cards go flip—face up.

Spike grins, flashes fangs, and raps out, “Tiger!” before she’s got her pretty lips parted.

“Honestly, Spike, is ‘animal snap’ the only full pack of cards in the house?”

Quizz thingumy

Your result for The LONG Scientific Personality Test...

ESTP-The Promoter

You scored 100% I to E, 53% N to S, 67% F to T, and 53% J to P!

Your type is known as the promoter, because you have no trouble approaching strangers and you are so charismatic that you are good at pursuading people to do your bidding. Your type is a subgroup of the experiencers group, also called artisans. You are a person of action - when you are around, things happen. Resourceful with people is a good way to describe you. Life is never dull around you. You are witty, clever, and fun. You are socially suave and know just the right thing to say to everyone you meet. You share your personality type with 10% of the population.

As a romantic partner, you are usually exciting and willing to try anything once. You are often much more responsive to your partner's physical needs, rather than their emotional ones. You tend to communicate at what other types tend to think of as a superficial level, as you don't see a big need for heart-to-heart talks. You want to be appreciated for the fun-loving responsive problem solver you are. You are happiest when your partner respects your need for freedom to be spontaneous and to enjoy life's many pleasures.

Your group summary: Experiencers (sp)<

Your Type Summary: ESTP

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